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Asha Sreejith

Asha Sreejith is a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist and has an experience in the field of Weight Loss, Weight gain and therapeutic Nutrition. She has acquired wide experience working with Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences & Research and Other hospitals. She is the founder and the Owner of Ashwveda Herbals Private Ltd. She believe that "Healthy nutrition is the only way to live healthier, longer and disease free life". She helped lot's of people to reduce weight gain, weight loss and therapeutic problems like PCOS, Thyroid, Diabetes, Gout etc. She is also a health tips writer in Samayam news and Yuvathi magazine. She had attended Certificate workshops on Sports and Fitness Nutrition, Functional foods, Nutrition in Cancer and Advanced Clinical nutrition on Weight management.

Education & Tranings

  • 2019 - 2018 Diploma in dietetics, health and nutrition
  • Professional Experience

  • 2019 - till Sculpt by Geeta Paul Bangalore
  • Specializations

    • Weight Loss Nutrition Therapy
    • Weight Gain Nutritional Consultancy
    • Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
    • Child Nutrition Consultancy
    • Pregnancy Nutrition Counseling
    • PCOS/PCOD Nutrition Therapy
    • Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • Hypertension Nutrition Therapy
    • Lifestyle Changes to Manage Arthritis Pain
    • Syndrome X: Nutrition Therapy Including Diet Plans
    • Thyroid Nutrition Therapy

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    Asha Sreejith is a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist and has an experience in the field of Weight

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